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Query: 3Q8J Entity 1(prereleased), from PDB0312

Results of FFAS03 search in PDB0312
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1 -36.5003Q8J Entity 1(prereleased)  ali  102  1XGCAFEGESCNVQFYPCCPGLGLTCIPGNPDGTCYYL 37
2 -6.7001wqb_A mol:protein length:32 Aptotoxin VII  ali model follow..  36  2LGCARVKEACGPWEWPCCSGLKCDGSECHPQ...... 32
3 -6.4703izs_Z mol:protein length:155 60S ribosomal protein rpL24 (L24e)  ali model follow..  19  1....MKVEIDSFSGAKIYPGRGTLFVRG--DSKIFRF 31
4 -6.2504a17_T mol:protein length:158 RPL24  ali model follow..  25  2...VVRTGTCSFCEYRIYPGRGQRFI--AKDGRGFFF 33
5 -6.2003izr_Z mol:protein length:162 60S ribosomal protein L24 (L24e)  ali model follow..  21  2...VLKTELCRFSGQKIYPGKGIRFI--RADSQVFLF 33
6 -6.1902zkr_u mol:protein length:157 60S Ribosomal protein L24  ali model follow..  25  1....MKVELCSFSGYKIYPGHGRRYA--RTDGKVFQF 31
7 -5.9802c9l_Y mol:protein length:63 BZLF1 TRANS-ACTIVATOR PROTEIN  ali model follow..  28  35...SSENDRLRLLLKQMCPSLDVSIIPRTPD...... 63
8 -5.6102c9n_Y mol:protein length:63 BZLF1 TRANS-ACTIVATOR PROTEIN  ali model follow..  28  35...SSENDRLRLLLKQMCPSLDVSIIPRTPD...... 63
9 -5.6001iva_A mol:protein length:48 OMEGA-AGATOXIN-IVA  ali model follow..  27  3KCIAKDYGRCKWGGTPCCRGRGCICSIMGTNCEC... 36
10 -5.5202h1z_A mol:protein length:39 Hybrid atracotoxin  ali model follow..  25  1GSCVPVDQPCSLNTQPCCDDATCTQERNENGHTVYY. 36

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